Dating site meet me com

What differentiated my Yearbook from other social networking sites was that it specialized in helping users meet new people, rather than taking the Facebook approach of connecting friends who already know each other.

The added perk of social flash games also gave my Yearbook a popularity boost.

So I blocked all the new accounts she'd made each time no interaction just a block and I was deleted and IP banned no reason given and considering that was the only stranger id ever talked to other then people I know IRL as friends and she kept viewing on a new profile each time. Id be seriously surprised if this company is still around in 5 years.

Meet Me is always the site that people suggest when you say youre thinking of trying dating online or tell them youre newly single.

But for me I had a friend who met (and is now engaged to) a really nice lady on so I went there first on their recommendation.

Meet Me is headquartered in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

The Meet Me service is available on the web and as an app on i Phone, i Pad, Android, and Windows.

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