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My profile at the Michael Jackson fanfiction site is with the same username (mermaidbyheart) just in case you're an MJ fan and like to read fanfics about him. Sherlock is Not Ok Will goes into the moon pool on a full moon and gets what he's always wanted, to become a merman. It's hard enough being a teenager- try being the daughter of a mermaid and not even knowing it!:) I've published one story there so far called "Fallin" (that I posted here now too). Follow Ellie Mc Cartney, Allison Dove, Ryder Bennett, and Katie Benjamin through the strangest summer of their lives.working in melbourne he successfully auditioned for the guest-role of chris knight in neighbours and appeared in 11 episodes.[4] during a tv week interview, mitchell revealed that his interests were body boarding, nature and going to the movies. Well obviously it does, and when a camping trip on Mako Island goes wrong, she finds herself with a new... 9 years later Bella gets back in touch and wants to meet up with Eira in Australia, but why? Sevan has hunted mermaids for more than half of his life. Together they shared the experience of being mermaids, until Bella moved away.Mitchell was born on 17 April 1985 and grew up on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

mitchell appeared in the third season of h2o: just add water as will, before starring as romeo smith in home and away.

Mitchell has three brothers and a younger sister, Bree.

His older brother coaches tennis, while his younger brother, Ben Mitchell, is in the top 10 of Australian Tennis Players.

He travelled around Australia with international entertainment company Sudden Impact Entertainment and worked in their live theatre shows.

Whilst working in Melbourne he successfully auditioned for the guest-role of Chris Knight in Neighbours and appeared in 11 episodes.

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