Melissa oneill rex goudie dating

The Calgarian had been performing Les Miserables on Broadway in the ensemble and was an understudy for the role of street waif Eponine, the same part she had won a Dora Award for in Toronto a year earlier.

O’Neil had the opportunity to step into the lead role for a few months, a move that would have significantly boosted her Broadway profile.

By the time he turned sixteen, Goudie had formed a band with his friends, The Purple Monkey Bomb Squad, with a new rock/country focus.

The band was moderately popular in Burlington, where they played in local bars after having received written permission to do so from his Grandmother.

Right afterward, she signed to a record deal with Sony BMG and released her debut single, "Alive," a mere three weeks later.

The song would prove to be a major success, as it remained at number one on the Canadian Singles Chart for a seven-week run. O'Neil released her debut album, Melissa O'Neil, November 22, 2005.

“I was in the middle of callbacks and had the chance to take over a leading part on a Broadway show for a few months or keep auditioning for a TV show. He said, ‘You’ve already played that part in Toronto. Because it’s been such a ride.” The thing was, O’Neil was a relative newbie to the world of television and had never really acted in front of a camera before.

Goudie's musical talents began in Sunday school, where he was encouraged by his grandmother to sing.But her post-Idol work has mostly been in musical theatre. Two, the decisive and deadly leader of a group of seven space travellers who awaken with no memory of who they are or what they are doing.Most of it was shot in a studio, often using green screens.Roughly a year ago, Melissa O’Neil had a tough decision to make.It was a career dilemma that most actresses would dream of, but that didn’t make it any easier.

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