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These will be marked with the date they were originally reported to the ISO.

If you are in an Exchange (Outlook) environment, add the sender to your block list.

An anonymous remailer is a server that receives messages with embedded instructions on where to send them next, and that forwards them without revealing where they originally came from.

If you have received a message that matches or looks similar to one listed here, please take caution.

We have denoted the latest phishing emails with a *NEW* marker.

There are Cypherpunk anonymous remailers, Mixmaster anonymous remailers, and nym servers, among others, which differ in how they work, in the policies they adopt, and in the type of attack on anonymity of e-mail they can (or are intended to) resist.

Remailing as discussed in this article applies to e-mails intended for particular recipients, not the general public.

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