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IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SAY "PEACE" in a language that is not listed or filled in below (or that needs correction), please send it in and we will add it to the table (please also let us know whether you wish to be given credit).

The Institute for Regulatory Science (RSI) is dedicated to the idea that societal decisions and public communications must be based on Best Available Science and Metrics for Evaluation of Scientific Claims derived from it (BAS/MESC).

Although social media relationships can have a positive effect on us emotionally, numerous studies have been conducted linking social networking to depression and social isolation while also eliciting feelings of envy, insecurity and poor self-esteem.

Other studies indicate that social media sites can be positive for people struggling with social anxiety and depression.

Locations in the Where column might not be absolutely precise and comprehensive.

Country names in their full, native-script, former, and/or alternative forms can be found HERE.

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