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The speical will also update what Kate and the kids, which also include 13-year-old twins - Mady and Cara, have been up to, how the kids have grown, what their interests are now, and what the latest is on Kate’s life and career.

The show will follow the family on outings and spring break activities.

In fact, before many of these peeps were mega famous,...

It's kind of hard to imagine a world without Justin Bieber in it.

"And I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out," Kate revealed. They are giving me a run for my money, daily and hourly and moment by moment." She also showed she like millions of other parents, takes away their electronic devices as punishment.

has learned exclusively, and now she wants to serve the last seven months of her violation of probation sentence at home!

After spending years in the spotlight, the reality-TV dad turned tabloid heel is headed for divorce court—and fighting for his family's privacy in the most public way possible.

Alex Pappademas spent a few days with the most hated man on television to see how he's holding up.

“We have to get tested again to see how severe it is,” Sally—who is working on a new reality show about his life as a single dad—told Radar exclusively. “He’s on a diet of organic food, so there are certain foods he just can’t eat, and the list is literally getting longer every day,” Sally, 44, said.They're here to acknowledge these facts—or most of them—in order to characterize and contextualize what happened, and to advance the notion that at some point Jon Gosselin awoke from his jerk-fugue, looked in the mirror, and didn't like the person he saw there.So Heller and Kirschner and the new, contrite Jon Gosselin and I have lunch at an organic-food restaurant, and for the first ten minutes Gosselin sits quietly and blinks while Mike Heller, speaking on Gosselin's behalf, addresses some of the misconceptions that developed when Gosselin was unable to speak on his own behalf. A former entertainment lawyer and "nightclub marketer," he now owns Talent Resources, which—among other things—brokers outside-the-box endorsement deals for famous people.Boca Raton resident Major, 31, is nine weeks pregnant with her and Lohan’s second child, according to court papers quietly filed late Friday and obtained exclusively by The motion mentions that Major is prevented from seeing her regular doctor, and that she is not receiving adequate care at the county slammer.“She’s having a real hard time in jail,” a corrections source tells me.

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