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(Well, not to build or archive, but to add Ad Hoc builds to i Tunes or submit App Store builds to Apple)icone file ? Looked at my info.plist and this is the version i have : 6.0.In ressources/icons/ i got those images : icon-40.png,[email protected],icon-50.png,[email protected],icon-6‌​0.png,[email protected]‌​,icon-72.png,icon-72‌​@2x.png,icon-76.png,‌​[email protected],icon-‌​small.png,icon-small‌​@2and , [email protected] Tried lots to upload from Application Loader 2.9.1 always says the same error message.I noticed that since my last update though (only two weeks ago) some of my project's data had been automatically reverted back to the first version of the app.Update 05/03/2017: reworked the whole article for hapi 16 and the newest libs!

I had added localizations to this new update, but didn't see anything that may have caused things in the project to go wrong.

Open your Info.plist file and click plus( ) and write Info Dictionary Version which is 6.0 and clean app and upload it Again. I built the application from XCode Product build (destination i Os device) and did "product ... The application is fully signed with profile and all needed just cant' get what is missing to be a fully "valid" one. I struggled with this for a couple hours, tried several different things that I found through researching all the different solutions people have posted online, but nothing worked.

I then went into "edit scheme", then into the "info" section under "run" and found that the "Build configuration" option was set to "debug." I thought this to be odd, so I changed it to "release", and validation finally worked!

Its value MUST be a number containing a Numeric Date value. For example, if you have a JWT payload with a expiration time set to 30 seconds after creation but you know that sometimes you will process it after 30 seconds, you can set a leeway of 10 seconds in order to have some margin: The “nbf” (not before) claim identifies the time before which the JWT MUST NOT be accepted for processing.

The processing of the “nbf” claim requires that the current date/time MUST be after or equal to the not-before date/time listed in the “nbf” claim.

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